Chiropractic Testimonials

"It's amazing. I can sleep better, I walk better. I feel better physically, emotionally... It's a welcoming place to come, everyone is positive and supportive! It will make you better no matter how you come in."

- D. Plemmons

"It's a joy, something to look forward to."

- C. Plemmons

"A whole new level of chiropractics! Dr. Fortini is at the top of his field and it shows in his work. Since my first visit about two months ago, the curvature of my spine has corrected over 10 degrees (it's visible on an x-ray!), I've cut my anti-anxiety meds in half and completely ceased my sleeping medication, my posture has improved, and my pain levels have dropped dramatically. It is absolutely astonishing. Dr. Fortini provides an excellent education on the many crucial functions of the spine, as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes I can make to improve my overall health. He's a diamond in the rough, for sure, and his team members are an absolute joy. I look forward to this coming year of new life."

- Z. Mason

"My visits to your office have been great.

My neck and back are greatly improved.

The doctor's ad staff are great and very friendly."

- F. Courtney

"Great experience! The front desk staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I wish I could come more often."

- R. McFarland

"Great staff here - all are very friendly and personable! They don't just treat patients, they educate them..... Have been getting treatments for approx 6. weeks, and most of my neck and shoulder pain are gone - a great relief.

I would definitely recommend this office to anyone with pain, or someone just wanting to feel better overall."

- C. Smith

"Recently I moved to Columbia, SC and visited four different Chiropractic offices before deciding to drive back to Asheville to get care.

It’s worth the 2 ½ hour drive to get the best care anywhere in the Carolinas!"

- L. Hudgins

"I have never been to a place where I have been treated so well. I've never experienced anything but kindness, and always greeted by name. That's so unusual for most places you go. I came into this office in a lot of pain and numbness. After just a month and a half, I've felt so much better!"

- T. Parham

"I came to this office because I was having headaches 2-3 times a week. The relief from headaches was almost instant. I have been seeing the doctors for almost 2 months. I have only had 2 headaches and they have not been near as bad as they were. I would tell anyone to come get checked by these doctors. They are amazing and have changed my life greatly!"

- L. Mayberry


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